When we talk about coming to orgasm we most refer to the size of a man as being the main contributing factor to whether we get there or not. But, the one thing we tend to forget about is the area they are working with. No matter what size your man is, if you are dealing with a looser vaginal region getting to where you want to be may be harder than ever. We are also going to cover many misconceptions that are associated with women who have a loose vagina. These include a virgin has the tightest vag and those promiscuous women are much looser than average women.

the truth about a loose vagina and how to make it tighterFirst things first, remember that women just as men come in all different sizes. This is a contributing factor is achieving orgasm and why it may be easier for some women as compared to others. When it comes to how the vagina works, it’s shape is made of up elastic walls. During sex it naturally relaxes and after sex it naturally contracts. This is the same process no matter what size you come in. You can view pictures of that at www.v-tightgelreviews.net to better understand what we are talking about.

To begin with sex your vagina needs to relax which happens when you are sexually aroused. This is a strong contributing factor to whether sex is enjoyable or not. If you are sexually aroused your vagina will stretch just enough to allow enough room for your man. It doesn’t create some massive black hole! For most women they need about thirty minutes of constant foreplay to become aroused enough to allow their vaginas to loosen up. This arousal comes from both physical touch and mental state. If you are not fully aroused prior to engaging in sex it can actually be a very painful experience.

If you are having problems loosening up than you can try different role playing games and other necessities to peak your arousal. It’s best to consult your partner and understand what makes them tick. This will give you better insight into how to make each other sexually aroused.

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