Cold Hard Facts About Drunk Driving

Cold Hard Facts About Drunk Driving

In 2006 there were a total of seventeen thousand nine hundred and forty-one driving deaths related to alcohol. This is a huge forty-one percent of the total fatalities, which was forty-three thousand.

During the holidays it is estimated that about fifty percent of all automobile related crashes are a results of drunk driving.

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What is the toxin of choice? About eighty percent of alcohol-related fatalities are a results of beer consumption.

Those between the ages of eighteen to twenty are responsible for ten percent of all drunk driving in the U.S.

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An all-time high back in 2003, one out of every one hundred and thirty-five drivers were arrested for DUI. That is a total of 1.4 million Americans.

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More Random Facts About Alcohol and Driving

More Random Facts About Alcohol and Driving

One-third of the traffic fatalities in the U.S. are caused by drunk driving.

Back in 2007 nearly thirteen thousand deaths in America were a result of driving under the influence.

It is estimated that around three in every ten Americans will some how be involved in an alcohol related accident at some point in their lives.

With a BAC level of 8% (the legal limit for being considered drunk behind the wheel) takes on average six hours to release from your system.

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Seat belts are the last thing on the mind of drunk drivers as proven by nearly seventy-five percent of those charged with drunk driving did not have them on.

Again in 2007 more than half of those drunk drivers where actually twice the legal limit, at 15% BAC.

If you are under the age of 21 in the United States the legal limit is 2%, this is considered the No-Tolerance regulation.

The deadliest drunk driving accident on record in the United States happened back in 1988 in Kentucky. A drunk driver with a BAC of 24% (3x the legal limit) caused a head-on collision with a school bus. The result of the inflamed crash was twenty-seven people (mainly kids) where killed  and thirty-four others were injured!

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Knowing is everything. In a recent survey of American citizens about eighty percent could define the term BAC, but only 27% knew the BAC limit in their particular state.

In 2006 more than forty percent of those driving under the influence who were involved in fatal crashes were speeding.

Texting is considered to impair one as much as drunk driving.

Five More Facts About Drunk Driving You Probably Didn’t Know

Five More Facts About Drunk Driving You Probably Didn’t Know

1. Back in 2011, the number of victims of drunk driving from other people was nine thousand eight hundred and seventy-eight!

2. Even losing their license is not enough to stop many drunk drivers, it is estimated that between fifty to seventy-five percent of those who have lost their license due to a drunk driving incident still continue to drive under suspension.

3. Although it is an uphill battle, since 1980 the fatality rate of drunk driving has been sliced in half.

4. Did you know that one-third of accidents involving teens are a result of driving under the influence (MMv3)?

5. For teens who are involved with alcohol at a young age are actually seven times more likely to be involved in an alcohol-related crash during their lives!

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Five Facts About Drunk Driving You Need To Know

Five Facts About Drunk Driving You Need To Know

1. Being impaired doesn’t depend on the variety of alcohol you ingest. In fact you can be just as impaired by drinking five beers as you would be drinking one glass of wine. a.k.a. Quantity vs. Quality.

2. There is no miracle make-you-less sober ritual. Although you’ve probably heard a cold show, exercise, or even a cup of joe will sober you up… the only thing that will lower your BAC is time.

3. Did you know that people who choose to drive drunk, will actually drive under the influence an average of eighty times before getting arrested?

4. In the United States drunk driving kills on average twenty-seven people a day. That’s one person every fifty-three seconds!

5. And every ninety seconds someone is injured in a drunk driving incident.

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